Site promotion

Search engine optimization is a service that helps the site to reach top 10, top 5 or top 3 in the most popular search engines. Promotion is the best solution for employers who seek a stable and long-term outcome, because after reaching high positions site traffic and sales will increase significantly.

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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a small text block located either in the search results or on a page with the topic similar to the advertised products. This type of advertising is very effective if you need quick result: the context will be visible to customers in the most intense hours, and you pay only for the switching to the site.

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Sales increase

Increase in sales. We know how to do it by means of the Internet. Market analysis, site checking and improvement, different advertisements on the network - all of these procedures will help to attract more customers than advertising in real life. "If you aren’t in the Internet, you aren’t in business" - these words belong to Bill Gates, and we agree with him completely.

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Banner advertising

Banner advertising is a small static or animated image on pages with high traffic. This type of advertising is ideal for new products increasing brand awareness.

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Ads on theme-based web sites

Advertising on theme-based sites. In the Internet there are many thematic areas where users communicate, advise, criticize, or advertise a particular product (or service). Whatever the scope of your business is, we will find the best theme-based areas for your advertising (forums, portals, etc.) that will cover large target audience.

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Advertising in social networks

Advertising in social networks is a relatively new way to increase sales, approved itself by large target audience. Our service consists of both a creating a full group in the network and of its support (attracting new members, filling of interesting information, etc.).

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Site auditing

Site auditing is required if the site does not attract new customers and has low ranking in search engines. Detailed structure and content checking of the site will reveal errors that obstruct higher sales, and we also define the best way for improvement. After verification we will prepare a detailed report of all the shortcomings of the resource.

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Site creation

You need creation of the site if you are looking for new ways to develop your business and want to increase sales. We collaborate with web-programmers and designers who can create beautiful, comfortable sites and always listen to the opinion of the customer.

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Individual consultation

Individual consultation. During the conversation with our managers you can get more information on the principles of our work and ask any questions.

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