Among our clients are companies of small, medium and big business, which have succeeded in different fields.

"Best Apartments Odessa" - daily rent real estate agency

about client

The company "Best Apartments Odessa" is a leader in the field of apartment rent, which provides services since 2000. The company renders wide choice of modern apartments, the European service and reasonable prices. All apartments are located in the historical center of Odessa, equipped and cozy.

“Rent-Odessa” - рortal rent real estate

about client

The portal of daily apartments rent “Rent-Odessa” offers a wide range of apartments from the owners and without mediators. Apartments are located in the downtown area, allowing guests to enjoy the rest and to visit the historical places. Modern repair, reasonable prices and homelike comfort - these words characterize all the apartments in the best way.

"Premier" - Odessa real estate agency

about client

One of the largest Odessa agencies “Premier” provides professional services in real estate (real estate purchase, investment, credit, analytics, law aspects), and has the most complete database of apartments, houses, pieces of land and office rooms.

"On Clinic International", the largest medical network in the world

about client

Network “On clinic” is a worldwide market leader in medical services, carrying out the treatment of various diseases (skin, gynecological disorders, sexual disorders, etc.).More than 100 branches are functioning successfully in Europe, Asia and Australia, and professionalism of the staff creates an excellent reputation for network of clinics.

"Stekloblok" - store of glass blocks

about client

The company "Stekloblok” is the largest dealer of plants located in Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany. The company guarantees customers European quality of goods and delivery of glass blocks in all regions of Ukraine.

"Ekonad" - scientific-industrial organization

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Production company “Ekonad" is engaged in the development and implementation of tools for liquidation of oil pollution impacts on water reservoirs. Due to many years of experience and high quality products, the company is a supplier to many oil, chemical plants and ports in Ukraine.

"So sklada" - online store of household appliances

about client

Online store of household appliances offers a wide range of products from the warehouse. All goods have the quality certificate and the manufacturer`s warranty. The cost of appliances is lower than in common stores. In the shop "So sklada" you will make only good purchases.

"Ukrshops" - online store of technics

about client

The largest Ukrainian portal, where various household appliances of world brands are represented. On the site more than one hundred Ukrainian shops are located, and the range of products is replenished every day.

"CarGid" - a portal about sale, purchase and maintenance of vehicles

about client

All-Ukrainian automobile portal through which you can both sell and buy a car that was in operation at an affordable price - from economy class to prestige models.

"Bautec" - company specialized in auto-loaders

about client

“Bautec” company specializes in implementation and maintenance of previously used auto-loaders of Japanese brands. Many companies involved in construction, food and agricultural areas regularly purchase equipment, and its characteristics are not inferior to the newer counterparts and give the same quality at low prices.

"1-Tech" - provider of audio-, videocommutation and lighting products

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Company “1-tech” knows all about lighting products, audio and video commutation products of Russian and European fabricators.  Quick delivery in all regions of Ukraine is possible, the quality is guaranteed.

"Jan" - salons network of perfumery and cosmetics

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A network of shops specialized in perfumery and personal care "Jan" represents a wide range of luxury perfume brands, as well as niche perfumes based on natural ingredients. In addition, among the assortment of the shops you may choose products of leading cosmetic companies for women and men.

"Nova Lavka" - online store of wear and accessories

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“Nova Lavka " is a successful online store of clothes, shoes and accessories (handbags, briefcases, purses) from leading manufacturers at affordable prices. In the "Nova Lavka" each customer can find goods to his liking.

"Dezka" - sale of equipment for beauty salons

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Online store "Dezka” carries out the sale of goods for hairdressers and beauty salons in a wide range - from one-use towels to complex massagers. At the shop you can buy professional products for cosmetic procedures, tools etc., both for personal use and for beauty salons.

"Tehno Dom" - online shop of household appliances

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Online shop of household appliances “Technodom" pleases customers by a wide selection and high quality of products. The store catalog includes more than 35 manufacturers with a worldwide reputation, which provide a guarantee on each item of goods.

"Stimpex" - wholesale of stationery

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Trade-group "Stimpeks" offers wholesale stationery brands, provides complex services and delivery of stationery and paper products for offices for banks.

"Sekretnitsa" - wardrobe studio

about client

Studio “Sekretnitsa” offers a wide range of wardrobes of different models and design. Simple comfortable wardrobe is an essential part of the interior of any apartment, make a present to your dresses!

"Estetic On" - сenter of modern cosmetology

about client

Cosmetology Centre "Estetic ON" offers to its customers advanced services which resolve esthetic problems. Skin rejuvenation, various types of hair depilation or figure correction is a small part of the whole clinic services list. Entrust your health and beauty to professionals!

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